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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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About OneThird CMS?

Do not use an external library such as cakePHP and smarty, is purely domestic CMS from Fukuoka!

  1. Onethird CMS has been designed from the ground-based
  2. There is no wasted part because you are not using an external library to the basic operation
  3. Basic design framework of CMS, template engine, WYSIWYG editor all original design

So high-speed operation, ultra-lightweight

Latest news

2016/7/13: it has released the First Step Guide

Procedure describes the clarity of up to create a site in OneThird CMS

2016/7/12: it has released the latest version

We made the following changes to the default theme to the skeleton series

Just install, is the ultra-high-speed theme score of PageSpeed ​​Insights exits 96 from 99

If you compile with the included less compiler score is maintained

* And SAKURA rental server, have been measured in the lollipop such as server

In SAKURA rental server, it is around about 95, I get 99 When you enable the mod_deflate

The lollipop, variation and 95-99 by the state of the server

OneThird CMS features, ultra-light and ultra-fast CMS that has been designed without the use of MVC

Normal site creation, of course, also available as an application platform

Please try by all means OneThird CMS Those who consider such things as the following

update history

  1. 2016-01-06 php7対応につきまして
  2. 2015-12-24  [tricks 1 of OneThird]To add an item to the system menu?
  3. 2015-12-01 To POST the data?
  4. 2015-11-05 Surprisingly convenient Uploader plugin
  5. 2015-11-04 Introduction of how to make the most orthodox update history
  6. 2015-10-23 There is an impact on SEO, does it Sumaho corresponding properly?
  7. 2015-10-22 Web page the entire HTTPS of which also affect the SEO
  8. 2015-10-16 OneThird for CMS of the plug-in mechanism
  9. 2015-10-14 We have released a bug fix version of v1.30f unbreakable
  10. 2015-07-27 We have released a security patch version of v1.30c unbreakable
  11. 2015-06-04 Renewed website
  12. 2015-06-04 v1.30 unbreakable we have released the official version
  13. 2015-04-01 The v1.29 CHARIOT was released
  14. 2014-12-15 I was released v1.28h magicians red bug fixed version
  15. 2014-10-18 グループウェア Abdul v128a をリリースしました
  16. 2014-10-12 Firefoxでログインできない件を緊急対応しました
  17. 2014-09-28 ドキュメントを追加しました
  18. 2014-09-24 v1.27b (Shining Diamondバグfix版)をリリースしました
  19. 2014-09-14 v1.27 (Shining Diamond)をリリースしました
  20. 2014-08-25 v1.26 (ECHOES A3)をリリースしました
  21. 2014-07-26 v1.25 (ECHOES A2)をリリースしました
  22. 2014-07-09 BootStrapの使い方とv1.24 (ECHOES)の改良版
  23. 2014-07-07 v1.24 (ECHOES)をリリースしました
  24. 2014-06-16 現在、ドキュメント整備中です
  25. 2014-06-15 v1.23 The worldリリースしました
  26. 2014-05-23 tryitEditorを大幅バージョンアップしました
  27. 2014-04-16 v1.22をリリースしました
  28. 2014-04-01 v1.21をリリースしました
  29. 2014-03-13 v1.20aを公開しました
  30. 2014-03-06 v1.20を公開しました

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