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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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★ In WordPress too heavy, to those who consider the light CMS

And whether it is possible to replace the things that can be done with WordPress?

First, whether it is possible to replace the things you can do with WordPress in OneThird CMS? For that, it is thought when I would like to conclude that it can be replaced most of the function

However, in the present circumstances is part of the function without the provision of plug-ins, there is a limit to such can not be implemented and there is no knowledge of php because First please confirm the point

to do in the in the can that OneThird WordPress it?

Questions, the plug-in request for a replacement, please feel free to contact us from the Facebook page

(However, please understand that it may take your time to inquiries in a language other than Japanese)

In addition, it is not perfect, but it can now be imported directly into the WordPress page data to OneThird CMS

the wp_import download, please use to download from

Flow of site production

The CMS of WordPress, etc., usually created a Web site in the following procedure

  1. You want to install the CMS on rental server
  2. Choose a theme
  3. You want to add an article to the site
  4. We want to publish your site

Even OneThird CMS you can create sites in the same procedure, but recommends the following method

  1. You want to install a OneThird CMS to PC
  2. Choose a theme
  3. You want to add an article to the site
  4. You want to install the CMS on rental server
  5. You want to copy the site data of the PC of OneThird CMS to rental server

Reason to recommend the latter method,

Better to work with a PC, it is the production points effortless because we did not want to use FTP, and in the middle of production page because do not have to external public

In addition, labor so you can easily copy data to the rental server of OneThird within the PC in CMS does not take almost

I choose / create a theme

In the current OneThird CMS, for a third-party template theme has not been published, it is not possible to use a template that can be used for free, such as WordPress

Although the number is small, this is also the site has published a free template so please feel free to use it

Free template

In addition, to own a WordPress template will take time and effort in professional, OneThird CMS templates can be created relatively easy

Please try to challenge to see the following instructions (However, knowledge of simple php will be required)

template of how to make

It describes the procedure to incorporate the OneThird CMS to Twitter bootstrap

Please have a look and also fit better here

how to incorporate OneThird CMS to bootstrap

Also is being recruited inexpensively template theme by creating a Idakeru Web production company like

If you have determines the production company like, will be posted here

You want to add an article to the site

The OneThird CMS To operate in the PC (local PC), in the case of Windows is the easiest to get try a dedicated tool OneThird Web Server

(In the case of MAC, please use and normal CMS as MAMP)

It should be noted that, in that case, rather than a basic set of OneThird CMS, blog system Platinum Star Please use towards the

In the case of Platinum Star, and themes corresponding to the blog system like WordPress, how to use even with sample data also fit, including it has been shipped

First when it was WordPress of alternative applications, please try the Platinum Star

A particularly important point on using the OneThird CMS

OneThird CMS of the document is very much the amount, and read all at once I think it's difficult

So we put together short of the most important points and glossary of terms on use of OneThird CMS

Please read here only in the first

basic terms and precautions

I build / publish the site

When you decide the theme, you can create the contents of the site in the local environment, please external public rental server

As easy to understand even for beginners, we summarize the installation instructions to the rental server

lollipop rental server, instructions for installing the OneThird CMS to co Roripo ot_plan (100 yen / month)

After the installation, upload the site data, and publish

A specific method, how to upload the data of the site that you created in the PC to the rental server Please refer to the

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