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OneThird for CMS of the plug-in mechanism

OneThird for CMS of the plug-in mechanism, plug-in function has been two (2 types) available

Function One is, you want to add a block which is a component of the page

Simply call the plug-ins

Another is the ability to assign a program to a page in the template module

At first glance, the plug-in plug-ins WrodPress, template module looks as close to the custom post, actually you big difference

Prior to the description, What is the plug-in? But is that

Here plug-ins referred to in The Please think that the thing of the mechanism to add functionality to the CMS without modification to the CMS itself

OneThird you can be very flexible function added without much restriction compared to other CMS in the CMS

Plug-in, it is a mechanism that provides a block of block system OneThird CMS provides

OneThird CMS page has adopted the block system, the page has become a structure which is stacked a plurality of blocks

In the state that created the page, This is a state in which the standard of editing block has been created one

OneThird standard there is provided a block with a variety of functions in the CMS, (in and hit the focus is on the page, that of hover menu that is displayed in the upper right corner) block menu freely add and remove from it to change the display order I can

This block, we the ability to add as your own thing called a plug-in

In contrast, the ability to assign a php program to the page, is called the template module

From the page property, / files / 1 / plugin or you can call the php program that is directly under files / 1 / data to the previous page drawing

In OneThird CMS, after temporarily storing the data in an array of every component of HTML to the global variable $html (header, section, article, etc.), so we adopted a mechanism to be displayed, freedom After the template module is called You can change the

Template module, both plug-in both, but you can do the same sort of thing, the big difference is that while the plug-ins can be added in the UI operation also edit user, template module is that can not be manipulated and do not have administrative rights

When you deliver the CMS, features that you want to touch the customer to write a plug-in

In addition significant changes to the CMS itself, and I will write and customer touch dangerous function in the template module

Point is, if you assign a template module to the specific case folder of template module, it order is assigned automatically template module without UI operation on the following pages, the customer is that the use without consciousness

This feature, in OneThird CMS own mechanism, I think very easy to use maximum points and not to other CMS

Come to everyone of Web producer, I would like to mastering the template module

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