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The v1.29 CHARIOT was released

The v1.29 CHARIOT I was released

Changes from v1.28h magicians red

  1. Supports OneThird CMS body version up in the backup tool
  2. tryitEditor version up of the (change in v0.40)
  3. Specification changes to be able to display a folder to save the standard uploader
  4. Excel, specification changes to be able to upload office files such as Word in the standard uploader
  5. Enhanced backup tool, the user backup
  6. jQuery, the ajax processing change (corresponding to the latest version)
  7. When deleting the inner pages, and specification changes so as not to change the arrangement of the inner page
  8. The revival of the hide-title setting that had been deleted
  9. Add the delete function and filter function in action log
  10. If the unauthorized access to the management screen there were more than a certain number of times, Ken ability to shut out the access was not operating in SQLite
  11. Contact form of bugfix (Ken token error occurs, Ken transmission error Dell)
  12. When static output, there is a case where the plug-in output can not be displayed well matter
  13. of embed plugin bugfix
  14. elFinder of the corresponding to the latest version of jQuery
  15. Other bugfix

For No. 10 of modification, just in case those who are using SQLite, please open the "site settings" after the version up

You can perform a database automatic update

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