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Achtung Baby v1.61

It was released Achtung Baby v1.61

The operability of the contact form plug-in has been greatly improved

Only operating at UI, you are free to create a form

Data is fully compatible with the previous version

Difficult thing is not at all, it was designed to appropriately move and manipulate

The display portion with a red frame will be emailed

Data to be transmitted is input component content such as text box that follows the title will be mailed in pairs

When you click on the displayed portion in the red frame text or mail, you can select the type of such checkbox

You can safely change where you can change the title part, etc.

When you click the check box or radio button next to the + icon you can add a selector

The display portion is replicated entirely in red frame when you click the copy button

You can When you click the Delete button to return the data to the initial state

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