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Web page the entire HTTPS of which also affect the SEO

also there that Google has recommended the site HTTPS reduction, I think that in recent years a growing number of cases to consider HTTPS of the site

Google, there is also that it has officially announced in August 2014 that the preferential treatment the SSL of Web site as an evaluation of SEO, flows to change the entire site from HTTP to HTTPS is accelerating.

However, it is very difficult to HTTPS of the site in WordPress

Addictive point is a change such as a link destination image and page link

Safety and the existing site in WordPress, it will take hopelessly effort to HTTPS of without causing broken links

In that respect, not only can OneThird really easy HTTPS of the CMS

  1. I HTTPS of the part of the page
  2. And HTTPS, you want to enable a mix of HTTP page, or both page access

You can easily that

Because HTTPS of the URL is completely different in also OK, is OK even shared SSL rental server has to offer

The specific method is here

using shared SSL of SAKURA rental server, and is the part of the page to HTTPS of?

As Notes at this time

OneThird CMS in the rule, internal link use the $link tags, please keep in suppressing the only terms

Also, if you enable the access of both HTTPS and HTTP, you need to SEO practice to either of the page to tell correctly to the original page of whether Google

To do so, we use the canonical meta tags, but you must perform a canonical set to config.php correctly

Method is simple, if other than the original URL of the access works well if you set the $config ['canonical']

Free HTTPS of movement has also become active

Let's Encrypt ( even it to is like that free SSL certificate will be able to issue, free SSL There are also available even now

Also, pay SSL also has become quite cheap

On the other hand, CMS of the corresponding It is still

By the way, this site is compatible with the access of both and

The main purpose is editing, all the management screen has become to be automatically transferred to the HTTPS When you log in to the management screen is that HTTPS of

When HTTPS corresponding with WordPress, but return to the There is also SEO manner the original relationship of Google's index is very, you can return to the OneThird CMS if soon the original (please overlap perfectly canonical setting)

Is it once how so you can try to ease?

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