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v1.47 the (Pearl Jam) has been released

v1.47 the (Pearl Jam) has been released

It has become a major version up from v1.30 unbreakable

It has been a very large number of modifications

Although 1.30x the previous version compatibility is taken, themes and plug-ins in public on this site, please note that most things that do not work only in the following v1.47

Major changes

Online downloader shipped

• Changing the login system

Specification changes to cache plug-in array

Error improve the message

As a change of login system, check the session currently in progress as of facebook, it was to be able to remove

Site settings - if you check the number 5 of option4 becomes effective

However, please be aware that the session will be broken once when you install a new version

And then return in the re-login

In addition, during the installation in the themes and plug-ins, you can now embed a script file to be executed during the uninstallation

If you want to run the embedded script (_init.php) you get advance warning

When the warning came out, only in the script installation and press the Cancel (_init.php) will not be executed

If this is the case, you can determine it is safe to check the _init.php that have been created

In addition, now in specification to cache the plug-in array (plug-in information you have installed)

There is no change on the use, better to create a plug-in, please note

v1.30 → v1.47 Changes

Online theme, additional download function of the plug-in

- Check the current progress of the session, specification changes so that you can remove

- At the time of installation of the multi-login option to default ON

· Php7 correspondence

· System of theme v8 Bootstrap3.x correspondence

Adding some features to startup script function

· Explicitly $params for carrying out the acceptance of POST data [ 'allow_all_post'] add an option

And operation improvement of sql_timestamp

- And the theme file, to be able to embed a script to the plug-in file

Specification changes uploader, change the settings you do not want to overwrite when that was uploaded with the same file name

And operation stabilization of CSS compilation feature

Specifications change so that there is a link to the TOPIC page of the same hierarchy is stuck in · TOPIC page

- Add a location check at the time of installation

· Less, if you want to link the CSS at $load function of css, specification changes so that the compile date and time go by default

Of script error display format change

And organize unnecessary standard plug-ins

And change the plug-in array to specifications that cache


Cookies for the rest, Fixed a case of being unable to log in

And other (login plug-ins, std_pagination_renderer, embed, etc.)

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