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v1.30 unbreakable we have released the official version

v1.30 unbreakable we have released the official version

Since this is a major version up, it contains a considerable amount of specification change

Particularly important, changes

  1. system theme of version-up ... v7 → v8
  2. folder-sys tag specification change ... _ Separates - to separate
  3. This is a reduction of the standard plug-ins

For 1., it will change significantly operability with respect to a new installation, but in the version-up will not be affected

For 2., may cause a malfunction in part of the software (groupware Abdul, bug management to stem 暴斬, task management system Taskl) those of the software, please do not upgrade to the new version comes out

For 3., plug-in other than the standard when you upgrade will no longer be able to add to the new (there is no problem in operation)

specification changes from v1.2x

System theme of version up (v7 → v8)

· Less compilation mode of bind, to revive the time option to add inline option

a) bind option is enabled at the time will automatically summarized in one CSS to (improve the operating speed)

b) If you put a time option, add a CSS compile country (cache invalidation measures)

c) Add the inline option, inline built-in the specified CSS, the LESS files to the page (improving operating speed)

· Search, function improvement of uploader plug-ins

・folder-sys tag specification change

-Standard plug-in review

  1. The changes to the template module / built-in type plug Remove the multi-language support plug-ins from the standard plug-ins
  2. Template modular Remove the calendar plug-in from the standard plug-ins
  3. Exclude quiz plug down from the standard plug-ins
  4. To abolish the slide show plug-in
  5. To abolish the topic binder that had to leave for the sake of compatibility

• Adding snippet_heartbeat, measures Ken to automatic logout in the session time-out

Bug fix

• After the inner page drawing, $params ['inner_page'] Ken has not been cleared (embed malfunction of the plug-in)

Ken user_log has not been backed up by a backup tool

And other


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