OneThird CMS

Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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★ to those who want to build Web applications and databases

OneThird you can create an efficient Web applications and databases with less code when you use the CMS

To create a Web application / database, please first check how to create a Web site

★ in WordPress too heavy, to those who consider the light CMS

The above description has been written for beginners

If you are accustomed to the CMS, make sure only the following point minimum

basic terms and precautions

how to incorporate OneThird CMS to bootstrap

If you want to create a Web application, Puraguramu creation in php is mandatory

In the framework of CakePHP, etc., and you must first learn the framework of the convention (the rules)

If you do not follow the rules, meaning that you will not use the framework

However, and not very interesting and complex rule configuration close to the aggregate of OneThird simple library in CMS

And how to create a simple Web application as a tutorial, in order to create a Web application, we have put together the information that is likely to be required in the following

If you could read walk through, rough content, I would grasp

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