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Frequently used plug-ins

Types of plug-ins

OneThird There are mainly the following types of plug-in CMS

Tag-type plug-in

Plug-in type to use embedded in a template and page text

Inner page-type plug-in

Function to stack the body like a blog function to create one block of (inner page)

Control from the block menu, settings of the plug-in, the order of replacement, perform additional Delete

URL-type plug-in

The ability to assign a plug-in to a specific URL

In addition, the extension plug-in plug-ins that can be downloaded to a standard plug-ins that are shipped with the standard from this site

There is a user plug-ins that user-created

Well use standard plug-ins

Tag-type plug-in

search plug-in ... and then add in the search function site

embed ... to create a freely change field

bbs2 ... to create a bulletin board (and a simple bulletin board, you can choose a format such as the type that you can reply to a per-user basis)

Embed the uploader ... upload function

Inner page-type plug-in

page_folder ... the lower the folder list (user page creation rights there are no certain functions can be added page)

gmap ... you embed a Google Maps

uploader ... Embed the uploader (and simple type, you can select the extension type to choose the number of times such as uploading)

URL type

pagelist ... page list function

Sitemap ... site map creation for Google

rss ... RSS2.0

login ... plug-ins for login

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