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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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Basic terms and precautions

Basic Glossary

OneThird CMS is a CMS (content management system) that can manage multiple pages to Tree-like

Each page is set to page text, you can edit

Each page, you can Add / stacking things as block the function called a plug-in page

(For example, bulletin board plug-in, file-up plug-in)

Block You can add or delete at any time, you can rearrange the order (block system)

The block-type plug-in inner page I call

This and to separately page text, special formatting { $ by writing as a string ???}, you can embed a variety of functions

This template tag I call

The template tag, and template tags that are supported by the standard, there are enhancements tag-type plug-in by the plug-in

Furthermore, Separately, you can have a complex function the page

This template module I called

Template module, there are various kinds in this site, can now be used only by download

Using the standard editor tryitEditor

Tag Edit mode of the standard editor tryitEditor, please use all means

tag Edit mode, cutting out a part of the editing document in a selection or tag unit, is intended to edit HTML

Move the cursor (caret) to the point that you want to edit, you will tagEdit mode and press the leftmost button in the toolbar

For example, in tryitEditor, to do the Paste in PLAN TEXT please go from tag Edit mode

Also, change menu headings are on the tag Edit mode

For more information here

Notes on the page editing

One only has it to be careful at the time of page editing

It is the internal link is that you do not use the tag of HTML

If you need to fly inside the page,

{ $ link ("link", page number)}

Please write in a format such as

For example, this page, when you put a link to the page number 821


Please write in the body so on

$link is the link tag (template tags)

By writing in this format, you can make a link to automatic adjustment

Automatic adjustment of the link gives the various benefits Upon site management, please be sure stretched the internal link Use the link tag

Advantages examples when using a link tag

You want to display the site in HTTP and HTTPS both URL

SAKURA using a rental server SSL share of, and is a part of the page to HTTPS of?

※ In addition, it does not matter is asked to write an external link as usual a tag

Others remember that had been it is better point

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