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How to use backup tool

Function of backup tool

OneThird CMS backup tool provides the following features

  1. Zip-backup
  2. Zip-backup(diff)
  3. Program-backup
  4. Image-backuap(diff)
  5. Clear site-data
  6. Clear user-log
  7. User-backup
  8. Theme-backup
  9. SQlite-backup
  10. system-backup
  11. Download Latest version


It is the normal backup

In its own format, it will back up all of the pages in the site

the backed up data, overwrite, import, you can view

overwrite restores the form of overwriting the data that has been saved

Page numbers do not change

import adds the data to create a page number to the new

Browsing, make sure the page each of the contents that you saved

You can restore a page-by-page basis from the viewing


You can back up all data on the site in a Zip-backup, but it is difficult to back up each time all the data and the page data of the site becomes to several thousand or more

Therefore, the ability to back up a page that has been added / changed since you last backup is the Zip-backup (diff)

To become the criteria, it is page Last updated (mod_date)

If the page editing, automatically, but will be rewritten mod_date, the pages that have been modified in Puraguramu not rewrite plug-ins such as mod_date Please note that there is a case that is not to be backed up


/ Files / 1 / data to the following file

It will back up the / files / 1 / plugin following files


It will back up the / files / 1 / data following files

It is similar to the Program-backup but, / files / 1 / plugin following files are not backed up


It will back up the / files / img following files

Backup will be the difference between the last backup

Automatically adjusts the backup size to match the set value of post_max_size

Until the backup is complete, you will need to run several times

Clear site-data

The Zip-backup, it will be overwritten if you want to restore

In other words, the backup data, the data will not be deleted if less than on the destination data

To organize the pages in the local PC, if you want to the production environment and synchronization, phenomenon that deleted data remains will occur

If so, before you restore the data, please run the Clear site-data

Clear user-log

user-log is a data table that links a specific value to the page, is mainly used in the plug-in

Case has been deleted / restore the page data user-log will also be automatically adjusted, but because there are also data that does not lead to a page in, there are cases where data remaining occurs

In that case, please run the Clear user-log


If you want to back up your user data, please run the User-backup

User backup, you can only overwrite

So carelessly there is a possibility that when you restore user data page of the author to inconsistencies, such as movement of the site, please do not use except in special cases


A backup in Zip-backup I will do in its own format

After the backup, you can restore a page-by-page basis, but the speed is slow is the drawback

In SQLite-backup, it backs up in the SQLite format, it will be able to operate at high speed


OneThird back up the CMS system files

If you do in front of the version up, if some condition occurs in the version up, you can revert to the original

Download Latest version

that you can download the latest distribution file from server

The locale setting, and the Japanese version, the automatic judgment of the English version is done

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