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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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For the setting of when external publish a Web site

If you are outside publish a Web site that was created in OneThird CMS, please note the following:

modification of config.php

Minimum, please change the following two points

$config['title'] = 'OneThird CMS'; <=site name

$config ['site'] ['email'] = ''; <= administrator's e-mail address

The following two points, will be used in various contact source addresses and e-mail title, such as if you have forgotten your e-mail

Removal of the login script

It is only by changing the options set at the site settings (how to set for security Please refer to)

If you do not do this setting, also will become the login you can state from any page

The public and within the LAN, but is good in the case of membership site, you can make this setting in the public site as well as fall is display speed, the possibilities could be subject to low bot attack There will

In addition, the login URL please also possible change

Ban the creation of a new user account

Improve security, please prohibits the creation of a new user account

Just change the options set at the site set

Of [Option 4] - [Site Settings]

Please check to be allowed to create a new account (prohibition to create a new account)

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