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Template tag, which can be used in page editing

You can Komu embed element with a special feature on the page and use the template tag

The format of the tag is as follows

And the start mark of the tag, we will describe the tag name and parameters between the end mark

When the page editing, you can use the template tag

It lists the template tags that can be used when the page editing

Template tag, I have a lot more of the number, it does not use too many at the time of page editing so many is a useful tag when you create a template file

$plugin tag

It will call the plug-in

Example: insert a search box

{$plugin ('search')}

All of the plug-in does not stick in not correspond to this format

Only plug-in that corresponds to the tag format this format is enabled

In addition to the standard plug-ins you can call your own plug-ins

Standard plug-ins that support the tag format

Search plug-in


$plugin ('search')

Board plug-in


$plugin ('bbs2')

embed plug-ins


$plugin ('embed', 'text', 'name: title')

$plugin ('embed', 'select', 'name: status', array ('---', 'open', 'close'))

$plugin ('embed', 'edit', 'name: foo')

$plugin ('embed', 'html', 'name: foo')



$plugin ('ez_uploader')

$call tag

You can make calls to any function

It can be used in the same sense as WordPress short codes

※ You can not call dangerous function


Add the squid code to the installation folder /files/1/plugin/plugin.php

function ot_test ($ arg)


return print_r ($ arg, true);


Call example

$call ('ot_test')

※ If you call the function of internal definition, please add the prefix ot_

$link tag

If you use the $link tags, you can easily create links inside Pejihe

And if the internal links, it may seem to be not it? I can write the URL directly in the HTML tags when editing

If you use the $link tag, even if the site has been moved, automatically for us to fix the URL

No, it might appear to be or not it good if you specify a relative path, and that's a relative path

The Toka want turned into HTTPS the part of the content, you will be very hard if you said, Toka want to English of

But, so that you can all easily performed thing of them use the $link tag

Reference using the SAKURA rental server share SSL of, it is the part of the page to HTTPS of?

append tag

HEAD tag, you can insert the HTML statement to the end position of the BODY tag

Only that page, is useful if you called it Toka want to add CSS, want to insert a meta tag


You want to add to the end of the header part

$append ('head')

You want to add to the end of the BODY part

$append ('meta')

dump tag

Tag for debugging

Display by converting the variable content to the table (mainly for debugging)


$dump ($ params)

$pre tag

If you use the $pre tag, usually can not be entered in HTML, you can also enter directly characters such as <(brackets)

This is useful when writing such as source code

$params array

You can get a variety of information on the page in the drawing

That there is a possibility to use when editing

$ Ut-> icon

Template tag for the system icon

$ut->icon ('edit') edit

$ut->icon ('admin') admin

$ut->icon ('system')

$ut->icon ('save') save

$ut->icon ('delete') delete

$ut->icon ('remove') remove

$ut->icon ('setting') setting

$ut->icon ('star')

$ut->icon ('add') add

$ut->icon ('ok') ok

$ut->icon ('ng') ng

$ut->icon ('text')

$ut->icon ('text2')

$ut->icon ('personal')

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