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Using shared SSL for SAKURA rental server, and to a part of the page to HTTPS reduction?

Inquiry form, such as is often the case that we want turned into HTTP only part of the page

If there is a dedicated server, How can can be matched to HTTP / HTTPS and URL, because it will be used in the case of shared server share SSL, different URL in HTTP and HTTPS

Then it will be very cumbersome and worry about things

But, in the case of OneThird CMS, you can easily make your HTTPS-enabled page in the following way

Step 1: you want to be able to access HTTPS even even HTTP

First, if you open the page, so that you can access both HTTP and HTTPS

At the same time, it has to communicate encrypt the passwords when you log

※ In fact, you have to be able to access both HTTP and HTTPS also in this site

Method, only to modify the config.php as follows

Example: SAKURA in rental server

The normal URL

URL for SSL is

Config.php in the case of for


if ($_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]=="") {
	$config['site_url'] = "";
	$config['site_ssl'] = "";
	$config['files_url'] = "";
	$config['canonical'] = "";
} else {
	$config['site_url'] = "";
	$config['site_ssl'] = "";
	$config['files_url'] = "";

This alone, HTTP, it is possible to both HTTPS access

And performs a login when encrypted communication

In addition, if you open the page in HTTPS, usually page in the canonical set of headers, you can notify the search engine and I Are You a HTTP

Step 2: skip a particular page to HTTPS page

To make skip to HTTPS page you open a specific page in the HTTP, the template module

It is easy if you use the redirect_https

download downloaded from, / files / 1 / plugin after the copy below, the relevant page in the open page property

redirect_https is effectively attrition if setting complete

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