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About folder systag options

OneThird page array of CMS, only the page number of the upper page is housed in the [link], it does not include the addition of higher-level information

Then, for example, to extract all of the following lower page a page, the process will be cumbersome

So, if you ON the folder systag option, would be information of automatically-level folder when the page update is saved as a system tag (page array read_pagedata reference)

Format of tag

dir: page number - type / page number - type / ....


$sql[] = array(" where tag like ? ", "%@dir:%{$id}-%");

In such as SQL, you will be able to extract all the underlying pages of the following specific page

To make a folder systag option to ON, option 1 of the site setting [use folder systag option] to or asked to check, please change to use the lower page manager (lwrpage_manager.php) template module

the timing to rewrite the folder systag option only when you have page update

Tag of an existing page that he only had the option to ON it is not rewritten

If you use a lower page manager template module, so you rewrite the whole existing page, if you want to change in the middle of a site management please use here

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