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Google Site Translation sample code

In OneThird CMS, and how to use the multi-language plug-ins, and recommends how two ways to impart the translation data to the metadata

Here, we will introduce a very convenient way to combine the Google translation function in addition to the translation method that uses a metadata

This method is a method that is adopted in this site

  1. For pages that the translation has not been done, we want to display the Google translation tool
  2. Google translation tool is not displayed for the translated page
  3. The translation, like the semi-automatic generation to use the Google translation tool
  4. Specifically, OK just to add files / 1 / plugin / php code of about 200 lines to plugin.php

How to install

To use this method, you need to acquire the pre-Google translation tool

Access to, please get the snippet for embedding (the acquisition need a Google account)

With the following settings, you can get when you click on the button "Get the code"

Enter URL → own URL of the web site

Web site of the language → their own language (Japanese)

and translate language → the translation you want language (English)

Display mode → Inline, pull down only

Advanced → Check the "contains content in multiple languages ​​to the page"


Embed code that can be acquired in more than sample PHP code

Sample PHP code you can be downloaded as follows:

Please write the alphabet of the language name on the second line

Please write the English name of the site in the 19th row

Please insert the code obtained in 128 line

Furthermore, you'll add the following code to the / files / 1 / plugin.php

if (check_rights('edit') || trim($params['url_prefix'],' /')) {



Setting is the end or more

How to use

It will describe the case of English page

When you open the following URL only the set appears Google translated page of English

Site URL / en / page number

Or, if you click the "create en" to be displayed on the block menu in the state that opened the corresponding page English page opens

If you want to set the details of the immobilized or translation Google Translate and then click the Edit button in a state that opened the English page

In this case, if the edit button does not appear well, please to once disable the translation from the toolbar of Google Translation

Since the editing screen is displayed in English, click the [Fetch] button

Fetch a result, Google English translation will be taken

After adjusts translation Please save translation at [Save] button

You can easily find simple sentences and works well and only after the [Fetch] [Save], but, $link tags and in the text, $if the pre tag such as you are using the tag, and go well would be translated to tag by Google Translation you might not

Some degree of shaping, but it will be converted automatically when [Fetch], if the error occurs, please modify as appropriate

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