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Free themes (system v7)

OneThird CMS Themes gallery

Themes that are introduced here is out of date

To operate in OneThird CMS, it has published a sample theme corresponding to the various CSS framework

Themes that are introduced in this page is the theme for the previous version (system v7)

Also, if you want to install it because theme + default theta is in the form of theme you will need to delete the once data

For system theme here Please refer to the

System theme v8 (currently the latest version) theme for does not include data on the theme only

system theme of the download

How to Use

If you become each theme to use, please install the theme in the following procedure

If you are using a SQlite and (recommended)

1) Normal

OneThird CMS please to overwrite the files that have been extracted to the installed folder

Note) In the case of this method, user and password will be overwritten

user name : test

password: test

Please log in

If you want to use 2) theme only

OneThird CMS in the file that you unzipped to the installed folder of / files Please overwrite all of the following folder

Note) In the case of this method, data on the theme only is not copied 

If you are using MySQL

If 1) Dema only

In the file where you unzipped the folder / files Please overwrite all of the following folder

(Same as in the case of SqLite)

2) Data may utilize

Than backup tool, after you back up the current state, please copy the onethird.db that is included in the files / 1 / backup to unzip files

Then, please restore the data from backup tool

(Data restore manually)

Multi-site theme sample (Responsible correspondence)

9 kind of Responsible Bull theme assortment

Blok Grid System,Kube,Centurion,Gumby,PROFOUNDGRID,TitanFramework,ivory,workless,Mueller Grid System

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  1. 2013-12-31 Kube
  2. 2013-12-31 bootstrap
  3. 2013-12-31 centurion
  4. 2013-12-31 Wirefy
  5. 2013-12-31 base
  6. 2013-12-31 Responsive GS
  7. 2013-12-31 Goldilocks Approach
  8. 2013-12-31 Simple-Grid
  9. 2013-12-31 iKreativ Workless
  10. 2013-12-31 Extra Strength Responsive Grids
  11. 2013-12-31 Block Grid System
  12. 2013-12-31 SimpleGrid
  13. 2013-12-31 Fluid Base Line Grid
  14. 2013-12-31 MUELLER
  15. 2013-12-31 PROFOUNDGRID
  16. 2013-12-31 YAML4 CSS Framework
  17. 2013-12-31 Titan Framework
  18. 2013-12-31 ivory
  19. 2013-12-31 Gumby
  20. 2013-12-31 34grid
  21. 2013-12-31 Proportional Grids