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To do it in OneThird it can in WordPress?

So that it will help if you replace a site that was created in WordPress to OneThird CMS, you will about what do if the OneThird that had been done in WordPress

Posted fixed page page

In OneThird CMS, there is nothing that corresponds to a fixed page / post page of WordPress

In order to make a similar operation as WordPress it must be set

OneThird To use the CMS as a blog dedicated CMS as of WordPess is, blogging package "Platinum Star" the please use

Download Platinum Star here

Permalink, for slug

WordPress is by assigning a slug on each page, you will be able to open it with a name other than post number the page

In OneThird CMS, I call this a page alias (Page Alias)

Page alias, you can be set in the Page Properties

It will be expanded by $config ['permalink'] in the config.php if you want to access a page number

$config ['permalink'] is a "p {page} .html" in the initial value {page} will be replaced by page number

It can also be deployed to date in WordPress, but it does not support the deployment of date in OneThird CMS

For deployment of date ※, thank you a desire to facebook those who there is a desire

Categories and tags and taxonomies

To create a category in OneThird CMS, you can use in much the same sensation as a Tree structure as it is used

In addition, since the same post to Tree upper management also taxonomy, it will be almost the same thing

In the case of WordPress, for posting and management of fixed page is not the same, but will be required taxonomy, if a hierarchical management in all of the pages, practical need will no longer be

However, in the standard package, it will be necessary to customize the display to the category list, please use the blog-only package "Platinum Star"

Download Platinum Star here

Custom post, template file, for template hierarchy

In OneThird CMS, and WordPress because page configuration of the basic is the Tree structure is different basic specifications

First, you can set the template for all pages (template page setup)

In addition, you can assign even when creating the template automatically to the underlying page (Lower template Page Setup)

Furthermore, you can set the initial value of the page (format setting block menu)

You can make it easier to input form and use the page format

For example, if you make the catalogs site, in the embed tag, it is useful to create a template of page

It should be noted, does not have a function corresponding to the template hierarchy, if the template has not been set on the page, only default.tpl it is called

Short code equivalent function

You can do the same thing in the user tag created

For more information short code Please refer to the


Version up using the backup tool I can use

For more information here Please refer to the

Site map, for RSS → plug-in unnecessary, a standard feature

RSS in the initial state, and is compatible with both site map

RSS is,


Site map,


In you can be displayed

The site map to create a list to for all of page

For the RSS, so you can set in the type property of RSS plug-in ($plugin_ar [RSS_ID]), please change the installation folder /files/1/plugin.php

For maintenance screen → plug-ins required, a standard feature

Select the "site settings" of the system menu, you can set the display of the maintenance screen from the basic setting tab

String to be displayed at the time of maintenance, can be set in the option3

Display → standard features of the page list

Page list supports two types

To view the entire page, use the page list plug-ins

Page plug-in is originally for internal management, but it can also be open to the general user

Click the "setting" button on the page plug-in, please set the access rights to the "public"

Than using the page list plug-in, better to use the folder plug-ins is much easier

In the folder plug-ins, you can make additional lists and page / folder of page

Also, when you use the Extensions folder template module (ex_folder.php), you can do the same as Tree display a page list plug-ins

Sort of like category

If you are using the pages folder plug-in by setting the DESC option to switch the descending / ascending

To make a free sort, please use the Zhang folder template module (ex_folder.php)

Breadcrumbs → standard feature

It comes standard support

{ $ Expands to the breadcrumbs in a call ('breadcrumb')}

Entity has been defined in the theme.php

Cache plug-in → plug-ins required, sample shipped

Since there is a sample in the installation folder /files/1/plugin.php, you can use the cache by simply asked to comment

Look at the sample I would understand if you can, but so as to update the cache every hour in the initial state

However, you do not need cache plug-in most cases

And the time you call the cache file, the normal display of the time does not almost change

SNS bookmark, access analysis → plug-ins required, sample shipped

Since there is a sample in the installation folder /files/1/plugin.php, please comment out

pubsubhubbub post → plug-ins required, sample shipped

Since there is a sample in the installation folder /files/1/plugin.php, please comment out

All in one SEO pack →Unnecessary

Since you are a standard feature, the plug-in is not required

Title, description, it can be done in the Page Setup

Canonical settings are made automatically

※ keyword, there is no setting item for which Google is not seen

Meta tags for each article → OK

You can put any of the meta-information in the header in the append tag



Text here will be expanded as it is of the form, in the head tag

The revision management → can not, there is an alternative means

In OneThird CMS, it is not equipped with automatic backup, such as WordPress

Instead, please use the backup tool

The backup tool, you can perform a differential backup and backup of individual pages of all pages

※ If you request the automatic backup feature, Facebook page please request at

WPtouch plug-equivalent → can not

When you think of the recent Web circumstances, there responsive gradually taking root

This is considered to be because it becomes necessary to respond to the tablet "not only smartphones

Therefore, the standard of smartphones we have postponed

Create a separate corresponding theme, please support

Contact Form 7

Contact us by OneThird CMS form, it can be created easily in the contact plug-ins

However, it is not a high functionality as Contact Form 7

To make a more detailed form, you can make a free form from Contact Form 7 If you use the embed plug-ins

from v1.3x, now inquiry form that you use the embed plug-ins

That I will freely can add / change / delete items

Reservations post → can not

The series is available in a customized, but is not equipped with a standard feature

※ If you want to know to customize the way, Facebook page please request at

Regular backup of the database

The series is available in a customized, but is not equipped with a standard feature

※ If you want to know to customize the way, Facebook page please request at

Import of WordPress theme 

Depending on the CMS, there also those that can be used as a WordPress theme, but it is not equipped dare because if there is to be unexpected trouble is impaired or OneThird CMS features occurrence

In many cases, I prefer the page began to directly copy-paste, you can clean renewal

In addition, we do not recommend the creation of a OneThird CMS in theme widget

When equipped with a generic widget, because the program is slow movement becomes complex

How to use the WordPress free template, income the HTML after displaying the template, if embed tag of OneThird CMS in the HTML, you can be easily templated

For more information, here Please refer to the

Conditional branch tag → unnecessary

Conditional branch of WordPress is not only difficult to understand on the template, it may cause an unexpected malfunction

Therefore, it is recommended that you write the php program in the user tag


Basically, I think that it is all feasible that can be done in WordPress

In any other, those who want to know is substitution method, Facebook page please request at

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