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Short code

In OneThird, we will explain how to achieve the short code of the corresponding function of WordPress

※ Requires knowledge of php

Location to write plug-ins

If you want to enable for all of page

Installation folder /files/1/plgin/plugin.php

Please add the function within

If you want to enable a particular page

php file and write a function to, please specify in the template page properties

If it is effective on a particular theme

***. You can call a php program using the load tag from tpl

However, please do, but this method can not use in-law

Writing function

Example: you want to display the string test

function test ()


return 'test';


Function that takes an argument

function test ($arg)


return print_r($arg,true);


How to use the short code (plug-in)


If you put a prefix that ot_, you can call even from $ ut-> str


function ot_test($arg) 


  return print_r($arg,true);


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