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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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The overview of the theme

In OneThird CMS, you can be templated by simply adding a minimum of 5 lines to the existing HTML

However, there is a point to be aware of one point

It is not written the absolute path directly into the theme data, it is to use such template tag

Theme storage location of

In OneThird CMS, almost it you can use it is HTML

Installation folder / files / 1 / data

Please copy the complete HTML file below

We will explain the role of the special files in this data folder below

admin.css ... css file for the management screen

admin.tpl ... template file for the management screen

comm.less ... of CSS parts such as buttons and gradients less file

default.tpl ... template of a normal page

theme.less ... the normal page less file (called from default.tpl)

theme.css ... compile the theme.less file was automatically generated

theme.php ... system navigation and, breadcrumbs such as theme-dependent portions of the program

Preparing the theme file

In OneThird CMS, if there is no specified page template, default.tpl is called

default.tpl is the same format as the normal HTML, if you must embed the OneThird CMS tags in order to incorporate the function of a OneThird CMS (no, just be displayed as normal HTML, the error is not out N)

Please change the index.html of existing HTML named default.tpl

And, it is written therein, the external file following template tag Please describe in a way that you delete a path information by using the

{ $ params ['Data_url']} ... and it will be expanded to the URL that shows the files /../ data

{ $ config ['site_url']} ... and it will be expanded to the URL that shows the site


< img src="/files/1/data/img/test.jpg" />

→ < img src="{params['data_url']}img/test.jpg" />

Insertion of template tag

Tag for operating the OneThird CMS is the header part of the HTML, immediately after the body tag, please put it in three places just before the binding tag part

Will default theme would be helpful

For example: The default theme


{$load('php',".data/theme")}  {$ut->expand('head')}  

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1,...  

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{$config['site_url']}css/base.css" />  



<script src="//".....  







In addition, please be sure to load it because jQuery is necessary for operating the OneThird

$ut->insert the expand ('article')

$ut->expand ('article') is a template tag to expand the page text

Please insert in the portion corresponding to the body of the HTML

Template tags that can be used in the page template

In the page template, there are other tags that can be used

Please use as needed

For more information template tag Please refer to the

Frequently used tags

$link ... to insert a link (with path automatic adjustment function)

Insert a $edit ... editable box

There is such

Also, by writing a php program in plugin.php, you can do the any of Puraguramu call

Example. Call a time



1. $the call tag, taking not function or you can not call functions that affect the system, the array to the argument

2. tpl file, you will be asked the same security and virtually php file for php command can be described

In htaccess, please be set up so that it can not be viewed

(In a normal installation will be set so that it can not be viewed)

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