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snippet _ *** system function and **** _ renderer system function

snippet _ *** system function will set the specific functions provided by the system to the $html variable

Against, **** _ renderer function returns as a return value to assemble the HTML content

snippet _ *** system function

We will enumerate the main function below


so that you can use the dialog with javascript, so that you can use the following javascript

ot.open_dialog(jquery object,[option])

ot.open_dialog([jquery object])

is dialog of the jquery object to display

Display can be nested, you can close in ot.close_dialog

snippet_jqueryui ()

It will load the jQuery UI


Prohibits the lot access (content = 'noindex, nofollow')

snippet_image_uploader( $option )

You want to like the image uploader can be used


You set the breadcrumbs

Simply setting, it does not display if it is not embedded tags for deployment breadcrumbs in the template

In addition, since called from basic_renderer Although it is not required in the normal page, there is a need you to call in somewhere if you create a page in the plug-in or if the page type to create a page in the template module


You set the login function

It will be ignored if it is called in the login state

**** _ Renderer function

_renderer family of functions has been often used in such as plug-ins

It lists the functions available for the system to provide the following

frame_renderer(HTML data,[add_class])

It will wrap the input HTML data in the frame

Inner page (block elements) all is wrapped in this function

You can add a class in options

If you want to change the style of the block element in bulk, it is also possible to hook

basic_renderer (page array)

This is the standard drawing functions of a normal page

body_renderer (page array)

This is the standard drawing functions of the body of the page

innerpage_renderer (page array)

This is the standard drawing functions of the inner pages of the page

title_renderer (page array)

It will return to the page title

Option to hide the page title is taken into account, if it is hide option is enabled, it returns an empty

std_blockmenu_renderer (page array)

It returns the standard block menu (inner page deletion, position change)


We will implement the pagination (pagination)

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