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How to upload the data of the site that you created in the PC to the rental server

In OneThird CMS, PC you can copy the data to the rental server site in the creation and then one touch (local PC)

Moreover, the method can be selected various (Learn More)

If you are operating in SQLite, the easiest way is to transfer in FTP

The OneThird CMS to rental server Install and,

Of the set of files in the PC, and .htaccess, to complete it just to be transferred all the files except the config.php in FTP

In this case, a complete copy, there is no problem differ OneThird CMS version of the copy destination

If, in the case OneThird CMS version of OneThird within the CMS and the PC of the destination is the same


It does not matter even only the following files to FTP transfer

However, this method may take some time because the one by one copy of the file

If you are using or if MySQL you want more quickly copy, please use the backup tool (Learn More)

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