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The hierarchical structure that considers the SEO in OneThird CMS, the reason why the URL notation does not have a hierarchical structure

In OneThird CMS, page management has a hierarchical structure, but it is flat on the URL

The CMS of WordPress, etc., the hierarchical structure of the page will be as it is expressed as the lower links on the URL

Example: Help if there is tips.html under page

In Wordpress

OneThird In CMS

In OneThird, link in the page (such as breadcrumbs) supports hierarchical structure but URL does not correspond to the hierarchical structure

This is, URL of the Google page hierarchy because they profess and may be expressed in a page does not have a hierarchical structure

And one of the reasons, when the page renewal, because the page index to be replaced a hierarchical structure of the page can not be confused

For example, in the above example

After renewal,

tips.html is, it assumes that you moved to subordinate document

Then, in the WordPress system, if it has been linked to an external site, but I get an error that can not find the worst page

There is no impact at all in the case of OneThird

Old) → link expires or external link to confusion


The user, the page structure and breadcrumbs, should be recognized by the page in the link

When the page view, does not have any meaning to rarely to be aware of the URL that is currently being accessed

In these reasons, the case of OneThird URL has become flat

In addition, the OneThird CMS as related information URL you will be able to access just the page number

Example: If the tips page number of the 555

Normal URL


Other access (also contain the number as part of the URL is OK)

If a page alias (tips.html) is set

This is for the user to reach the purpose of the article, the possibility to access the page number because there is enough

For example, the bug discoverer programmers in bug management

"Please support the 123 number of the bug"

You very likely to perform the way of instruction, such as

Where it has become possible to such access

In this way you can access the page in a variety of formats, but so as not to affect the Google index, if you do not have access in the normal URL, you have been trying to canonical is automatically set

In addition, regular URL can be changed in config.php of $config ['permalink']

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