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For coding style of OneThird CMS

For OneThird of design policy, important point there are two

It and efforts improve readability, is one point concentration of program

For readability improvement of

Is the most important point of improvement of readability

It is that can be performed source analysis in a simple Grep

For example, in OneThird, and it is in the patch international translation

If you do WordPress, etc. dynamically multilingual, but language in the control panel is there a Toka benefits is switched Toka locale information can be immediately switched

Now, in case you want to know the behavior of the time you press the button that is displayed, it took much time you to the caption in there to be that it is difficult to catch on the source code even if Grep analysis

So, the multilingual we have taken the method of rewriting by the patch the source code directly

If this is a method, it is able to find places where you can Grep the source code and are quickly treated with a button caption to click

It also avoided as much as possible ???. Click (function .... you use the jQuery

Instead, onlick = '????'

or href='javascript:void(????)'

You are events described in the good old format, such as

This is also because of such readability improvement

About one-point concentration of program

The source code that is being written to concentrate at one location without layering is the second point

This is something that you care so that it can be fixed in the superficial without understanding and analyzing all of the source code of OneThird

As low as possible module degree of coupling, we are aiming high speed development and (remodeling) a reduction in the bug contamination probability

If you write a normal ajax program, we have decided where to describe in accordance with MVC rules

It's relatively small MVC pattern and split is misconception is less likely to occur, or fell variations readability originally describing location and scale increases by skill of PG, it may be Dari crowded create a unexpected bug

Therefore, in the OneThird, ajax programs and the display program, along with such as a control program, it has become a style of writing as compact as possible in the same location

By doing so, the program was easily even Paste, yet it is consideration as possible to operate safely

For aim of two points

It is that separates the view and document, but there is a large-scale development theory that has been considered for over 20 years

for OneThird it has placed the development of in small groups by the efficiency of the development efficiency in the CMS in mind, we have taken the coding style that dare to run counter to it

It is because the development method of large-scale development, is a case where it comes to putting the cart before the horse that it has been the number of development steps misunderstanding that it is exclusive development is hypertrophy are expected to come increase in the future

Importantly, it is had optimized development style to develop system-wide

OneThird CMS to become and its one of the choices was developed

When asked to consideration that point, I think the source code of OneThird is easy to see so thank you

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