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Using the standard WYSIWYG editor (tryitEditor)

In standard WYSIWYG editor (tryitEditor) is OneThird CMS dedicated original editor, selection method in each command is different from the usual HTML editor and a little action

How to select text

In normal WYSIWYG editor, bold, in order to execute a command, such as a color change must be pre-choice adaptive range

In tryitEditor, it is not necessary to choose, it has become a specification to automatically select an element of the cursor position ([Link] command except)

Also, at the time of selection, that portion will Dasa cut as span element

Span elements Dasa cut is, will be displayed by the dashed line underline, please correct at an appropriate [tag edit]

Tag Edit command

Distinctive command is [tag edit]

In the WYSIWYG editor, that if in many cases it is not possible to edit as intended it must be modified in HTML mode

But, when you switch to HTML mode and visual mode, you will not know where the Are you fix

So, [tag edit] to display and cut out the HTML part of the selected element

HTML that was displayed is freely editable

In addition, you can move to the parent element and brother element

For example, when you want to add a string immediately after the table, it may not be able to successfully insert in the editing operation

At that time, that by placing the cursor somewhere in the table, it will be sure to add when you add was allowed to display and select the entire several times pushes the oil table the [Upper] button <p> any string </ p> a Can

Also, copy the string, when you paste, ignoring the format of the string, you might want to paste as pure text

At that time also, please use the Tag Edit


In tryItEditor, commands to change the background-color is not implemented

You can set any Tag edit, but there is also a way to use the Chrome or Firefox debugging tools

Procedure, the part that you want to change the color cut into span element in the filter command, Chromeno If you select the "verification elements" in the right-click menu, please set the background-color

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