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Backup tool

In OneThird CMS, also available as a platform for Web applications not only the home page applications

To that end, it has been designed the data that tens of thousands so that it can be backed up without the MySQL GUI operation

When dealing with tens of thousands of data ※, or whenever an unspecified number of users there is a possibility of writing at the same time, please use the MySQL (Please do SQLite is not used)

In order to perform the backup, please select the "Backup Tools" from the system menu

Backup Method

The backup system, you have the following types

1) Zip-backup

2) Program-backup

3) Image-backup

4) User-backup

5) SQLite-backup


Zip-backup is a backup system where there is the most versatile

In sucked up Once a sequence of data records in the database, and ZIP compression by encoding it in the serialization after Bace64

Data, we will save in the order in ascending order of data to use the ajax

During storage, you can be interrupted at any time the progress dialog appears

After the interruption, it will be run from the continuation When you run again Zip-backup

Once, after backing up all the items, it is also possible to back up the items that have been subsequently added only difference

In addition, expand the ZIP file, you can be as usual restore it be returned to the server

At that time, ZIP files inside of the file because it is organized by number, it is also possible to separate backup, leaving only the necessary files

In addition to a differential backup, you can restore and import

Restore, in without changing the ID of the other record, it overrides directly

The import, you can replicate renumbered a new ID


Theme and, back up collectively the data of the plug-in


Installation folder / files / 1 / data

Installation folder / files / 1 / plugin

The following files in zip compression and backup

In this backup, it does not take into account the size of the file in the folder, when the total size of the files in the folder is extremely large, there is that problem, such as an inability to backup occurs

Please back up at FTP that case


The uploaded image data using the uploader, back up and uploaded files in the file attachment plug


Installation folder / files / img

The following files in zip compression and backup

File size, will be compressed for each 2M bytes by default

Back up your files when you click the "Image-backup" button, but if it exceeds 2M, to exit backup once

Please all of the files by clicking on the up and repeat "Image-backup" button is backed up


You will make a backup of the user individually

This command unconditional (ID-based) Restore without verifying the relationship between user ID and name

For example, if you import data from other sites to the site data that becomes the base, different user ID

Such a case, or misalignment of the page owner occurs, you may experience an unexpected fault.

User data is also so take over as it is in the SQLite backup, please use there as much as possible


SQlite-backup uses the SQLite, and full back up data

The benefits, here to back up the data by directly rename, it will be able to operate as it is when you copy over to OneThird CMS initialized with the SQLite running in a test environment

Multi-site and, it will be user data as it is copied

As a disadvantage, and that can not be backed up in an environment where not use SQLite, it raised the point that can not be very large amounts of data export

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