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Golden Wind v1.90

The Golden Wind v1.90 has been released

Changes, is associated failure

Vulnerability corresponding to the built-in theme of fault correspondence, is a matter that has been contaminated with the code for the test to work well that did not matter and distribute files in SAKURA rental server

The code for the test is not the actual harm does not make sense by itself in xsstest.php in the root, but please delete If you find just in case

After installing this version, Xsstest.Php the installation script will be automatically deleted

Although the message that contained the script in the distribution file at the time of the installation is displayed, please click on the OK

In addition it is also built-in theme of the correction at the same time

Built-in theme only to install does not update

Please reset the theme using the theme cleaner

There is no particular problem if you use your own theme

Thank you

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