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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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v1.83 has released Show Off β

As it had been announced in facebook, in order to solve the software shortage test man-hours due to lack of development power, was significantly revised the public software

In OneThird CMS, it can no longer be up support blistering relatively software test effort for it is software that has been designed from scratch to be a development man-hours to 1/3, which can greatly reduce the planned number of development steps Ironically as the basic concept I have

In the future, so that you concentrate on OneThird CMS of support is the immediate basic software

Frozen plug-ins, you can check than the page for maintenance or plug-in page

For now, we have β publish v1.83

v1.83 has to modify the theme of the bugs that have been shipped

The main modification point is about the bug at the time of blog style

In addition, it has improved so as to be able to save the link of tryItEditor with a relative path

The fix for these two points, theme version up of We also encourage you to do at the same time

Also, the blog helper has been updated

Update of tryIteEditor is, I think there is a case that does not work because it has worked is the browser's cache

When thank you clear the cache that

If you click the link button to display the cursor position is the initial value of the link cache it has been cleared at the time of editing

In addition, volunteer staff is still recruiting

Thank you

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