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Heaven's Door v1.72 has released

I had just issued a v1.71, but was soon also release the v1.72

In this release, it fixes the following points in mainly security fixes

  1. Separation of static output tool
    for enhanced static output tool, now many writing programs on the directory
    So we remove the bundled in the sense that it reduces the risk of security
    that we have plug-ins of, necessary such person, please install the plug-in
  2. Change option settings at the time of installation
    because there are a lot of people that has been opened to the public to leave the Internet in the initial state at the time of installation so that we can not add a user in the initial state
    to add from the control panel, please change the security options
  3. Change the number of people that can be simultaneously logged in with the same account to the 3 → 5

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