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Small story of the design concept: Why not put the dynamic translation function?

OneThird is a small story of CMS design concept of

In medium-sized CMS such as WordPress, it has become the specifications to display the string in through that function to prepare the function for translation with respect to most multi-national language of the string for the corresponding translation

OneThird CMS is not the case, we took the system to patch for each language

You might lightweight CMS So are thought to apply a patch to speed up operations

It also takes place, but php is a very high-speed on-memory operation, a string of translation because not too many I think that does not appear so much difference

The biggest reason is to reduce the learning cost

Does not conduct as much as possible also dynamically assign it an event for the same reason

You can place all, href = 'javascript: ... or onclick =' has been written in the form of a ....

click property of jQuery is that not as much as possible use

The reason, of course, or events pick up just by looking at the HTML element in the analysis tools, such as the Chrome Developer Tools

Because so that Tadoritsukeru Programs related to only by Grep the caption for the button that is visible

But also it might be some people that are countered do not need is an integrated environment

OneThird CMS is so that you are using the easy to as many people as possible, and it is considered so as to reduce as much as possible the hurdles of development

In short, rather than impossible to multi-national language, it is why are in favor of the visibility of the source

The program should be optimized to suit the application, not the correct answer is to introduce the never trendy technique

We have to do that because it is set idea

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