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Update information of the latest version of Heaven's Door v1.70 and plug-in theme

The Heaven's Door v1.70 was officially published

The following points in addition to bug measures has been improved from the β version

Changing the default theme

The default theme to be easy to use even for beginners has been changed to the skeleton top nav

The abolition of the Google map

Application in order to use the Google map (registration) has been changed to open street map from Google map the standard map plug-ins because it becomes necessary

To use the conventional Google map, please install the plug-in

Additional $config [ 'admin_dir']

In order to operate more secure, but there is a thing that put a BASIC authentication in the following important files admin

There is a way of hiding the management program and login URL as a way to close movement

By changing from this version $config [ 'admin_dir'], you will be able to change more easily URL

At the same time, we also added a defense function of the case that has been scanned the login URL (attack)

For more details, here

$additional ut function


It returns the edit authority

Returns true if the argument None → logged

admin → administrator privileges

edit → edit authority

owner → page creator

$ut->compress (mode, string);

Mode is now css only, is the extent to remove the line breaks and wasted space

$params [ 'code_compressor'] it is possible to incorporate an external library, if you want to compression in the code recommends that you use as much as possible this function

$ut->page (variable name);

$params [ 'page'] with the same

$ut->check (Equation 1, [character 1], [Text 2]);

Paste Text 1 if the expression 1 is satisfied, otherwise the character 2 paste

Character 1 from v1.70, is now possible to omit the character 2

$ut->css (character);

Add the css

Example {$ut->css ( 'body {color: red}')} → change the text color to red

$ut->cookie($key, $v=null, $exp_day=0, $path='/');

Acquisition of cookie, you can set

$ut->tag (tag name, [context], [options]);

It will be expanded as follows:

<Tag option>



Use this if you write a tag in the template tag

{$ut->check (ut->check_rights (), ut->tag ( 'h3', 'h3 tag'))} → display only the h3 tag if you are logged in

These templates tags, to use in the template, of course

It can be inserted into or during programs sentence

$ut->get_storage(key,[site number]); $ut->set_storage(key,value,[site number]); 

Conventional $ut->storage because the argument it was difficult to understand a complex, $ ut-> get_storage, was split into two $ ut-> set_storage

$ut->storage has left for compatibility and Delete in the future

At $ ut-> get_storage, to get the data in the key name, if there is no key name will return null

$ Ut-> set_storage, set the value to the key

Plug-ins, themes updates

The following themes to suit the Heaven's Door v1.70, has been updated plug-ins

  1. Events recruitment plug-in (public beta)
  2. Shopping cart (public beta)
  3. Google map (initial public)
  4. pubsubhubbub (new rules open)
  5. C Type DB (new rules open)
  6. Calendar (initial public)
  7. Booking form (initial public)
  8. Update history added - helper plug-in (initial public)
  9. Blog add - helper plug-in (initial public)
  10. Contact Form add - helper plug-in (initial public)
  11. About Us Add - helper plug-in (initial public)
  12. photo tiles (public beta)
  13. Access control plug-in (version up)
  14. Group page (version up)
  15. Schedule (version up)
  16. adminer (version up)
  17. File management (version up)
  18. Skeleton series (version up)
  19. BootSwatch series (version up)
  20. Theme cleaner (version up)

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