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It has released a new free theme skeleton series

It has released a new free theme skeleton series

Along with this, it has released Achtung Baby v1.69a

skeleton series, it becomes correspondence in later v1.69a

The new theme skeleton series, we are preparing four types of theme for each layout

You have to be able to change the color and the main visual for each layout

In addition, we have also prepared Flex column plug-in

With the introduction of Flex column plug-ins, you can place a 12 column-based grid, such as 3-3-3-3 or 4-4-4 as an inner page plug-in

Such as also edit the system menu to other, I think that it has become easier to use rather has become a multi-functional theme

Please try once

In addition, you also add in the near future blog version to the skeleton series, please wait If you are operating a blog

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