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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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How to install on the local PC (OneThird Web Server Administration)

Installing the OneThird Web Server

First, you will need a server environment for operating the OneThird CMS

Although it is easy to borrow a rental server

Here, you will learn how to use the OneThird Web Server in order to try to easy

OneThird Web Server, you can make it very easy to OneThird CMS dedicated server environment

Download the OneThird Web Server

OneThird Web Server, this site or, SourceForge you can be downloaded from

Unzip the downloaded file, please be installed in place appropriate

Start program when you click the onethirdserver.exe, and resides in the task tray

Open OneThird CMS installation screen at the same time

※ If you want to register a OneThird CMS Server as a service, please operate with administrative privileges

In addition, the security warning will be displayed at the time of start-up software

In the case of operating in the trial, it is for the time being, even if you cancel OK

If you cancel ※, you will not be able to access from the PC on the other LAN

The URL you want to install ※ http: // localhost: 8080, please install

※ If you want to access from another PC, please install in the IP on where the PC to a fixed IP

Example: http: // 8080

Starting immediately after the selection screen

When OneThird tester is started, you will see the selection screen of the site

from v1.05, I can now test of multiple sites

When you click the test-site OneThird installation screen will start

OneThird of the program,

Installation folder / www / test-site

It is located in the following

Multiple sites and can test between than when you copy the contents to another folder, in which case please keep a copy before performing the Intur work

You want to install the OneThird CMS

After the installer has started, simply click the Start installation Put the Admin ID and the Admin password


OneThird CMS, which is a multi-site support CMS, in OneThird Web server, it does not support multi-site

Please try Server2Go in the case of multi-site

How to ot_install(Server2Go)

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