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The WrodPress disadvantages (weaknesses)? About unexpected drawback of plug-ins

The benefits of selecting a WordPress

WordPress is a CMS that has been used most in the world, is safe better to use WordPress in the case of corporate site

By building in WordPress, even if produced the skill is out of business, it becomes possible to be taken over

In addition, and if the relationship between suppliers has deteriorated, and the same applies if the estimates are saying the suppliers too high, it can easily be consulted to other suppliers

Because WordPress is the industry de facto standard, it would be nice to say that the best is as choice

But it does not even mean that peace of mind If you make in WordPress

In particular, in the corporate site, please consider carefully

WordPress pitfalls

As WordPress problem, because it is too famous, it may that it is not missing a hand on vulnerability response

In addition, there will also be referred to as speed must borrow the late choice of server

However, it might be surprising to think, most of the risk in WordPress is on the plug-in

It also is not a good plug-in itself of vulnerability, which is said

Of course, vulnerable plug-in itself, but there is a problem

The biggest problem, it is is the problem the standard plug-in is very small

That the standard plug-in is low, in other words it is that there is little guarantee that has been function

In WordPress, it is required plug-in to do

These plug-ins do not sense in the WordPress side of the developer for the operation, all will be selected suppliers side of the operation guarantee plug-ins

Result danger and on the security as operating costs it is lead to an increase in

Why they would do that the maintenance costs to use WordPress to corporate site, or piling up?

Third-party plug-ins is not intended development team of WordPress have made as CMS

It is a thing of which it can not be said is complain even stuck basically

For example, there is such a case

Story of the phrase of the famous company home page

Site scale, because it was quite large, was delivered by slightly modifying the plug-in a certain site backup function

On one occasion, WordPress is no longer able to upgrade to backup

because backup plug-ins originally that the artisan was introduced did not correspond to the WordPress of the new edition

And that to bad, that the plug-in is already development is completed

In addition, because the plug-in that it was extremely easy to use, it was said that should not and does not modify the plug-in and plug-ins that are now trying to move in the same way

The recovery cost is too high, it can not be worked out, it can not be determined be the amount is reasonable

This example is a fact well talk

In the corporate site, and let's not allowed to stand for a vulnerability

However, these renovation expenses, the development team is backup plug-ins of WordPress, etc., it is considered to be need if provides a standard plug-in as CMS standard feature, it can be said that wasted cost

The owner of a number of corporate site, and is not aware of this fact, are you paying unnecessary costs to unwittingly

In addition, a third party without sufficient evaluation with respect to the source code of the plug-ins that were made, it also requires attention to the skilled in the art to deliver the since moved and reliability / potential is low plug-ins

Evaluate the such a disadvantage and benefits you will need to introduce a WordPress

The benefits of introducing a OneThird CMS?

WordPress benefits, to demerit, OneThird CMS benefits What about?

Speaking only to corporate site it, and that the site can be confirmed in the local environment, it is the benefits of security

In OneThird CMS, you can do the semi-static operation except for the login system that can not be in other CMS

You around on with always vulnerability in the program

Even WordPress, OneThird CMS even it is the same

However, the type of each of the CMS, risk of unauthorized tampering by the operating method can vary greatly

The possibility of tampering by a third party is, why is is considering the introduction of very low OneThird CMS compared to other CMS?

OneThird CMS method of operation

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