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CSV import

It is a template module to import the CSV file

Create the appropriate folder, please assign csv_import.php to that folder

It reads the CSV file and add it as the underlying page of this page

  • Specify the CSV file name, please click on the import
  • Please be sure to put the item name in the first line of the CSV
  • CSV file is UTF-8 format (which can be converted in Notepad)
  • If you "title" column names of CSV and set its column to page title
  • If you "folder" the CSV column, you can create a page on its directly under to make the lower folder
  • If you "date" the CSV of the column and set its column to page creation date
  • When the CSV of the column blank, the column will not be imported
  • folder / file is deleted all just below by clicking on the delete button
  • After importing, please release the plug-in
  • Please do lower page is displayed by applying the folder plug-ins such as the page

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