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OneThird CMS is why operates at a high speed?

The secret of high-speed operation of the OneThird CMS

Most large thing of the reasons that cause a decrease in speed of php program such as CMS is a disk access

By minimizing the desk access, it can be expected to operate improved

Of course, faster it is better to have minimal access to the database

However, the database is a very highly optimized program, it can speed by performing the optimum tuning

On the contrary, unexpectedly early action as php program Perth, serialize, there is such as internal function of access, etc. to a variable

There is a memory control functions such as memory allocation of (ensuring) as moderate as fast as

At the same thinking these things,

  1. Access to the database I to minimize
  2. php Puraguramu are summarized in one as much as possible
  3. The user, divided login user, administrator user, to a non-login browse user, thereby php file change be read by each, browse user does not only read a minimum of files
  4. Dynamically without crowded read the plug-in as WordPress, can be fixed method to write to the php file
  5. It wants to control as much as possible to direct without deeply the call nesting
  6. MVC, the class is not used as much as possible
  7. Full-scratch design of high-speed operation template mechanism (not use an external library)
  8. WYSIWYG editor I own

Speed, achieving weight reduction by carrying out the above initiatives

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