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Access control

It is a template module to set the viewing rights of page

Such as membership page, it is useful if you want to show only certain people

You can:

  • To allow visitors of the page only certain members
  • Members can choose either free participation / approval system
  • Members list to choose whether or not to publish a member
  • Members can be set can or can not approve the other members
  • When the guest user opens a page you are not logged in, you can be selected or issue whether the login page gives a 404 error

How to use it, make a specific folder, and the template module the acc_ctrl.php, please specify in both the lower template

By specifying the lower template, you can also access control when the underlying page has been created

It should be noted that, in acc_ctrl.php, please note the parent of access control data at the time that was created to point to the master data

In acc_ctrl.php, holds the authorized member information in the case of access, but this is only the pages that have been created in the beginning most

When you create the underlying page, if there is a meta-data of access control to the parent page, settings that reference is made to this

In other words, after you create the underlying page, it is moved between pages the page, parent page of the access control, please be careful to the point that does not change

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