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TIPS to move the site of the currently published in a local by using the OneThird Web Server

OneThird Web Server is a tool for maintenance or move the OneThird CMS in Windows

For example, it is possible to operate with less server put the file in the case of the company shared folder

※ To operate on the file server will enter a little ingenuity, but to another opportunity

TIPS of this time as a tool for maintenance

※ Please use such as MAMP your person is the MAC, the procedure is the same

In OneThird CMS, extract the data of the site of the currently published in, it can be made to the local environment operating in OneThird Web Server

In a typical CMS, it is easy enough to work it takes is an hour even in people who are, no matter how familiar are surprised at OneThird CMS

The procedure is as follows, first from the backup tool of the source site to the first, and then copy the only program

Open the backup tool just click the [Program-backup] button

Normally, the program will end in an instant in a normal environment because it is about 10M be larger

Can the data can be downloaded by clicking

Upload Danrodo the data in the backup tool of the destination site You can install the program by clicking the override button

In the next, and then copy the data

Although it carried out in the same backup tool for data backup

It is fast and use that time SQlite backup, this is also the approximate site can be downloaded in an instant

Back up, and rename the ****. Db that you downloaded to the onethird.db, please be replaced with those of the local folder root

Work only in it, it is almost completed

Please note that there is a case in which site and to work ahead from the earlier data can not be opened as a note

There is no need to download the image

The root, only rewriting the img.php file, you can set the reference destination to the source site


$r = dirname(__FILE__)."/files/img/{$_GET['p']}/{$_GET['i']}";
	if (is_file($r)) {
		$r = "files/img/{$_GET['p']}/{$_GET['i']}";
	} else {
		$r = "http://[***your public site url***]/files/img/{$_GET['p']}/{$_GET['i']}";

It should be noted that the site scale that can be carried out in this way is up to about guideline 1000 pages

10,000 huge site, such as a page is that it can not be operated in SQlite Notes

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