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Lightweight CMS for Small website, Web application framework.

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OneThird plug-in CMS it is easy to make

You can make very easy to plug-ins compared to OneThird other CMS in CMS

The biggest reason is the structure of the lettering system

CMS such as WordPress will work while discharging the tag of at any time HTML

OneThird Once the CMS, it is a global variable, because the screen output after writing each element of HTML to $ html

Recent design pattern prosperity, such as MVC, you will not dare adopted There is a classic

But I'd really convenient if you make a plug-in

It is only after the end of the drawing of the standard function, because it can be rewritten in the out post

For example, even if would like messing around a little bit CSS of the page

$html OK be rewritten the [ 'css']

If you want an afterthought is

$html['css'][] = '<style> .... /style>';


Similarly, if you want added to the header

$html['head'][] ="<meta ......>";

It feels like a

Most of the drawing function


It has a unique ID like so, it is also possible to turn ON / OFF the function or the fine adjustment after the plug-in drawing

Please try except the source code

If you are developing a plug-in, a useless and do not know until the deep of the CMS, but it is do the same even OneThird CMS

Is OneThird CMS's are designed to be all right even if you do not know so deeply with respect to a simple remodeling

In addition, in OneThird CMS, it is also enclosed in a standard tool that can be easily distributed to package the plug-in

Production company like is, I'm recommendation of work because becomes easy to maintenance, and not catch up is hard to organize documents

Is in thinking how the thing

Questions about this matter, I ask if you have any demand

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