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Heaven's Door v1.73 and update status

It has released a bug fix version v1.73 of Heaven's Door

The main modification

The main content is a bug with the search plug-in bug fixes for file attachments of the bulletin board

Both Please be sure to version up because it is a bug on the security

Bulletin board of the bugs are related to file attachments

Search plug-in bugs, there was a problem that it takes to also search files that should not be able to search the original

Also PageList, RSS, have been revised to conform because there was a similar problem in Sitemap plug-in

In this context, it was fixed the following plug-ins

  1. Group message plug-in
  2. Group page plug-ins
  3. Reservations plug-in
  4. Shopping cart

Modification of v1.73

  1. Search specification change of the plug-in
  2. Change to be able to specify a file with the contact form
  3. Improve the image editing function of tryitEditor
  4. Bug fixes blog template
  5. Bug fixes Topic plug-ins
  6. Bug fixes pagelist plug-ins
  7. Change the theme manager attribute of at the time of installation to hidden

update information

Theme version up of

Standard theme, update all the (bug fixes blog template)

Version up of the plug-in

  1. lwrpage_manager
  2. c-typeDB
  3. calendar
  4. Group message (Abdul Group message)
  5. Group page (Abdul Group page)
  6. Abdul Notification
  7. calendar
  8. Reservation
  9. Static output tool

Additional plug-ins

  1. Garbage can
  2. Reservations post

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