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skeleton series has been upgraded

Standard theme, has been upgraded to match skeleton series to 1.70 Heaven's Door

In addition, ideal for landing page theme took a large main visuals

skeleton Landing page top NAV


Enhanced points, mainly the following two points


Others also have been changed a number such as the review of the bug fixes and typography

Grid12 plug-in is a plug-in to replace the traditional Flex column plugin for skeleton

Aborted the public for Flex column plugin for skeleton

How to use the Blog template

Using the blog template you can add a page of blog style below any page

When you assign a blog template to the top page, the site will be the blog site

Just below the top page, create a folder called blog, finished the sub-menu of the blog and add a blog to the global menu use the Theme manager

This section describes the sub-menu format

Blog template installation procedure

Open the top page, and add pages from the system menu

Page type, you must be a page folder (180)

If If you want to use an existing page, please change the page type in the Page Manager

The Alias ​​setting is useful to the blog

After you create the page, and add the blog menu use the Theme manager

After you open the blog page, open the page property


blog_top.tpl to

Specify the

This is the end in

Please click on the [Add page] is to write a blog

Gird12 how to use plug-ins

In OneThird CMS, it has adopted a block system, which are arranged like a block from top to bottom content

Blocks have been constructed in the plug-in, Grid12 plug-in is one of them (inner page plug-in)

In Grid12, you can arrange to split the block to the grid

Each grid can specify the size, total size will be just full width at 12

Grid other that can be HTML editing, you can also assign an image

If you create a page, it is useful when arranging the character, for example next to the image



Will also be displayed in properly folded when the display smartphone in this layout display

In addition, you can, such as easily arrange a three-divided and content to lie down like a portfolio site







Since the Grid12 plug-in is also compatible with animate plug-in, it is also possible to combine, as in the example above

Or specific use, click on the add from the block menu

Use the template tag


As of, it is OK be embedded as a tag

When you embed as a tag,: Please specify the identifier as the 'name any of the string'

After the text grid in [Add text] of the block menu, the image in the [Add image] you can add a grid

Grid width, you are free to change after you add

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