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It has released the Heaven's Door v1.70beta

It has released the Heaven's Door v1.70beta

And for a while β treatment because there are a lot of changes in this version up

For β version, you can not do automatic updates

Open the Online Plugin from backup tool

Heaven's Door v1.70 beta

please choose

The main modification contents of this are as follows

At the same time, themes such as the skeleton series also has been upgraded

OGP, the thumbnail

Heaven's Door in OGP image has been changed to a specification that can be used simultaneously with thumbnail images (eye-catching image) (Web page is an image to be displayed in the time line to when share)

At the time of designing the OneThird it had not been clearly defined in the OGP image,

Now that this has 1200px x 630px is the standard, was to allow the two types of setting for too large to use the image as a thumbnail as of Fage folder plug-ins

System menus and thumbnail settings dialog, the upper left corner of the thumbnail image in other image uploader, there is OGP image and thumbnail setting button respectively in the upper right corner

Click to the image will be set OGP image, the thumbnail image

Thumbnail will be automatically resized if GD is available if the standard more images at 200px is specified in

Also large so that the image and the small image can be clearly distinguished, the following small image 300px appear smaller thumbnail

OGP If you set the image, og: image tag is properly set, but in the case of a thumbnail, please keep in mind that it does not set

As a result of this change, it made a partial change of the system theme v8

Please perform the recompilation of CSS If you are doing the inline configuration

If you are using the skeleton series it can also be upgraded

It should be noted that, previously set thumbnail will be set to OGP image

We use the following function to retrieve the set OGP image and thumbnail was

function get_thumb_url(&$page_ar, $thumb_img=true, $expand=true)

Just pass the page sequence, URL to the image you can get

If the second parameter to true, will be searched in the order of thumbnail → OGP image, in the case of false only OGP image

The third parameter or the actual URL, you can choose either the form using the img.php

About edit authority

An emphasis on convenience in OneThird, if there is an administrative authority, had been carried out is free to edit without the page author

Instead you can edit freely, if you make the transfer of authority has become a specification to be recorded in the action log

If you do not want to be seen draft page from others is there was a need to create a topic page

Since v1.70 is, it revised the specification, was explicitly will not be able to edit and does not perform the transfer of authority

Method of transfer, just once change to private a public mode from Page Properties

Who has the editing privileges can be checked from the page property

In addition, the transfer of conventional authority will be recorded when the action log that have been made

Major changes

  1. OGP image, the processing of around thumbnail image (eye-catching image) the entire surface of improvement
  2. Specification changed to other than the page author can not be edited page
  3. Change part of the system theme v8
  4. Specification changes to be able to change the default template
  5. Specification extended to load the jQuery If you specify to load the template function 'jquery'
  6. Specification extension so that you can set the URI of the jQuery read by the read if the system set in the load templates
  7. Filter function additional backup tool
  8. super user (account that created the site) is a specification change so as not to be visible from the other users in the member list (changes to the specification to hide the name of the super user)
  9. delayed_expand specifications changed so that it does not sort by default, at the same time adding a sort option
  10. Page Manager improvement of
  11. Improvement of Page List
  12. Change the specification there is a string that can not be used in the title
  13. Because of improved security, specification change so as not to be applied is the plug-in to the login system other system tools

Bug fix

  1. Modify the OGP of bug
  2. Matter which could not be logged in php 5.3 system
  3. Ken unintended log out has occurred in the member list
  4. Bugfix of topics plug-ins
  5. Ken work is canceled at the login panel in the case of a members-only page
  6. Stable operation of the CSS compiler
  7. Other Bugfix

Extension plug-in / themes version up

  1. ex-folder
  2. acc_ctrl
  3. lwrpage_manager
  4. open street map
  5. Skeleton series


Public to have, it is temporary public stop because some malfunction has been reported for Free themes

After the operation check, thank you so will continue to sequentially re-published

There are also a number of plug-ins currently being tested

For the plug-in, because there is a number too, a significant amount of time is expected to take at up to release

Please contact us so Deki pass it even before the release and get a message at facebook If you are interested in

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